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crash bang wallop !!!

Well I’ve used up one of my lives !!! To stop the rumours having me 6ft under and donations being made to some animal charity, can I just up-date folks on my accident. Yes I hit a car at 29 mph, flew through the air with obvious style with a pike, twists and turns thrown in, was carted off in an Ambulance, trussed up on a body board with witness’s screaming ”he’s broke his legs, he’s boke his legs”. The car in question turned across in front of me with no time to react I ‘T’-boned said car at door pillar. I thought I had a one-way ticket to meet my maker but miraculously I and my bike, now in several bits, went up and over the car to be rudely deposited in the middle of the A44 😦 Several hours in hospital and now back home licking my wounds (both legs badly bruised and cuts) You’re not rid of me just yet 😉


European Sportive 2011 – meeting

Folks I’ve put this info on shop facebook page, Please let me know if you can attend  :-

European Sportive 2011 meeting :- Suggest 7pm Monday 20th September 2010 at the Fountain Inn, Tenbury Wells. Time to decide ”which” event and I think we all agree its good to have a group participate to aid motivation during those cold/wet winter months 😦  Hope all can make this meet and please invite anyone who’s not on facebook who may be interested to test themselves on a European sportive 🙂 Please let me know of your attendance perhaps we can price up some sandwiches and chips. Yes chips – need to fatten a few of you buggers up a little 😉


Club ride 28/8/10

Hoping to do a club ride Bank Holiday Saturday (next weekend) Usual rules re distance and waiting / regrouping and about 30/35 miles. Be good to see all the usual faces, Dave Powell if you want to lead feel free, I’m just hoping to generate some interest and get everyone enjoy getting out on the club runs again 🙂


Big challenge for 2011

Ok Ok I realise its stupidly early however we need to start thinking about discussing the issue because early planning is essential 😉

Talking with a few of you and you’ve found your season drifting with no major challenge. Unlike the previous year when quite a few of us had La Marmotte to maintain focus 🙂

This post is to open discussion, I must say I’m not sure where I’ll be work wise so availability could be my issue !! IMHO I think taking part as a sizeable group is what makes the trip, so where do we look to go ??

I’ve only done La Marmotte and Etape in 2009 and Maratona dles Dolomites 2010 and weighing all the pros and cons my vote would go to the Maratona which is on Sunday 10th July 2011 🙂 Anyone any other events to go in pot ? Bear in mind its the centenary of the Tour de France first use of Galibier in 2011 so wouldn’t be surprised if Etape also visits the Alps next year. Not suggesting Etape (far too expensive 😦 ) only mention cos it could get very very busy !

We also need to include the ‘usual suspects’ from Climb on Bikes in our discussions 😉

Any views ??


3 pears sportive

Hi All,

For those who didn’t know I’m organising a Sportive on 15/8/10. There is very little on in the region re races, sportives etc and would really appreciate any entries 🙂 Only £15 entry and I intend to make a donation to ACORN charity which is set up for kids with cancer.

More info on www.3pearssportive.wordpress.com any obvious mistakes please point out, I’m not a computer boffin !!! 😦


Ramin Minovi Road Race – marshals needed!

It is a week until we host the Ramin Minovi Road Race and we need as many marshals as possible to make sure the race runs smoothly and safely.  If you can help out please let us know by contacting Phil or Simon by email, phone or text – or using the Contact Us tab on this site.

If you would like a particular job, like lead or following car, finish line judge etc then do shout (we need at least three cars – we supply the flashing lights and sign).  The race starts at 10am, so we need marshals at the HQ (Abberley Village Hall) at about 9am so that they can get out to their position on the course.  The race will last about 2.5 hours and is split into age category groups – marshaling is good fun and doesn’t last too long, so please do try and help if you can as road races can’t go ahead without helpers!

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